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that within five years, 96 percent of British consumers will have access to the Internet, whether it be through a personal computer, a set-top box or a mobile phone.
                                                                      - Richard Branson -


Website DIY - Do It Yourself

Want to do some website DIY? No problem! Of course having someone to do all the hard work for you is much more convenient, especially considering that web design nowadays is more a profession than a hobby. You need experience to succeed, but if you are willing to study and learn (and make mistakes along the way), nothing should stop you from trying.

To build or to maintain a website you need two things:

1. A web designing software
2. A comprehensive course to learn the trade.

In regard to the web design software, there are hundreds of choices out there, the most common being Adobe Dreamweaver and Office FrontPage. I’m not really sure why they are the most popular, because they are definitely not the most logic or easy to use.

XSitePro software box with reflectionThe website design software is everything. You need to find one that is clear, easy to use and at the same time affordable. A less common, but very good software is XSitePro. The good thing about it is that it’s very easy to use and that it’s very logic. Basically you don’t have to waste hours trying to understand how it works, as it is very intuitive. You can realistically have a professional looking website online in ten minutes... slightly longer for a very first timer.

XSitePro is a combination of a multitude of tools that offers you invaluable help in building a professional online presence. Some people will not use anything else to work on sites.

Regarding a course, there also are hundreds of choices and the costs vary greatly. What you need to remember is that internet is in continuous evolution and a course cannot be static. Instead a well designed course will be updated regularly and it will be lengthy.

Complete Guide to Website Building software boxForget about books! By the time they have finished printing them, the industry has already moved forward. They hardly contain fresh and usable information.

Do doubt of short courses that promise to teach you everything in a week; there is a lot to learn if you want to succeed online. The Complete Guide to Website Building by Paul Smithson is the “College” of the industry and it is simply the very best you can find.

It is a comprehensive course that is articulated in 26 modules in about 30 hours, with classroom style lessons. If you want to cut corners, there are hundreds of options out there, but if you want to seriously learn everything about building a successful website, then look no further.

You also may want to take a look at the Complete Guide to Traffic by the same guy. This course is distributed in 30 modules and it includes more than 50 hours of lessons and again, it’s well worth the money.

Complete guide to traffic software boxFrom my personal experience, the links above represent the very best on offer today. It all comes at a price, but I wish I bumped into this stuff earlier in life... I would have saved thousands!

My search for reliable information and software is finally over and I am completely satisfied with everything I regularly accomplish online.

One last word: do not underestimate the learning process; if you are not willing to study seriously, then don’t bother starting; you would be wasting your money. Trust a professional to do the lot for you instead.



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"They made me the best website I've ever had and it wasn't expensive at all. I can't recommend them highly enough. I am finally looking professional on the net." 

- C. Temperilli, Italy -


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