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We Believe...

that within five years, 96 percent of British consumers will have access to the Internet, whether it be through a personal computer, a set-top box or a mobile phone.
                                                                      - Richard Branson -


What You Get With Your Website 

Male and female business people shaking handFree Site Search Box – Have you ever been to a website, seen something that you were interested in and could not find it again on a second visit? Well, no more. With a dedicated professional site search box, you can search anything within your site and it will come up in a fraction of a second. Free of charge.

Free Digital Correction and Enhancement of all Images – There is nothing worse than landing on a good looking, professional site that is totally ruined by poor photographs displayed here and there. Free professional manual digital correction and enhancement of every single image, is standard here. Your site will look good in every way!

Fantastic Hosting Package – A web hosting company is as important as the site itself. The server we use offers a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, so when people will go to your site they will actually be able to see it. You get: unlimited bandwidth usage, unlimited hosting space, unlimited email addresses, unlimited sub-domain names, no minimum contract and all this for only 5.00 GBP per month with no setup fee! Is this a bargain or what?

One Off Payment – Unlike many web design packages out there, you only pay us once to build your site. No monthly payments that go on forever. Then you can either have your website on a CD and do whatever you want with it, or we can host it for you for the ridiculous amount of 5.00 GBP per month all unlimited. The domain name registration and annual fee is 10.00 GBP and all we do is pass that money on to the provider.

Flexible-Low Maintenance Fees (optional) – If you want to update your site on a regular basis, our hourly charge is very reasonable and we can agree on a special prepaid long term relationship. We are just an email away and we are not a mega corporation that will send you an automated reply 48 hours later.

Lowest Monthly Fees on the Net – Ever heard of something like our hosting package for only 5.00 GBP per month? It simply doesn’t exist and if it does, it will be one of these very large corporations that won’t even provide an email address to write to.

Female hand with dirt and newborn plantPersonal Assistance – We offer one to one assistance only. No call centres in India, no holding on the line forever, no waiting for replies that never arrive. We have an email address that we check regularly and you will always deal with the same person.

Free Statistics – Of course you must know who visits your website and when. That's why included in the package you get full statistics with automatic weekly or monthly reports sent to your email address. All included.

Optional Automatic Blog – Blogs are becoming very popular and being able to host one is a great incoming traffic opportunity. We can build, manage, maintain and update your blog on a daily basis (automatically with quality content we gather from public article sources) for a one off charge of 79.00 GBP. Then it's yours forever and it keeps updating itself with quality content. Nobody out there offers an automatic blog that you can forget having and that keeps working automatically while you enjoy your life.

Optional Visitor Interaction – How much would it be worth if you could get others to build your website for you... for free, because they want to? Community happens. Giving the visitor the possibility to add valuable content to your pages, brings your website to a whole different level. User Generated Content is a very powerful way to attract even more traffic to your website. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have long proven that interaction works: they thrive on it! People want to participate, they want to leave an impression or part of themselves... so let them. By allowing your visitors to comment on your pages, will open a new array of possibilities where the sky is the limit: visitors will link to your pages and will come back to them several times; they will send their friends to see the comments they left and their friends might leave a comment as well, spreading your website like the wind. It will all run automatically for you and it will not require any input from you whatsoever. If someone leaves a comment you rather not have posted, simply click on “unhelpful” three times (adjustable) and it will be deleted automatically. Visitors will be able to leave a comment and give a star rating. All this for a onetime charge of 99.00 GBP. 




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"They made me the best website I've ever had and it wasn't expensive at all. I can't recommend them highly enough. I am finally looking professional on the net." 

- C. Temperilli, Italy -


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